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Your preferences, choices, inspirations will be at the centre of the design. We will define together your unique design at every step of the process. The creation phase is a two-step process:

  1. Concept
  2. Design Development

To define the atmosphere you are seeking, we will create Mood boards, 3D images and/or hand drawn sketches allowing you to envision the space and how it will feel. We will then develop a scheme room-by-room. The final design will be drawn in CAD to ensure precision and comfortable movement within the space.


To implement the design, we will put together a package including a furniture schedule, information concerning fabrics, finishes and other details in accordance with your decision, all ready for order. EF will then be responsible for ensuring that all the elements of the design and the quality of each order is delivered satisfactorily, in compliance as expected.

Payment for Design & Sources services can be made either by the hour or as a fixed fee which in this case will reflect the expected time spent on the project.


The client can choose to have EF Design take on co-ordinating and scheduling the different lines of work to be carried out on site. This will include weekly meetings on site with the client, the contractors and the workers to ensure a proper execution of the project. For this service the client will be charged by a percentage of the whole project.

Of course, the client could choose to do this themselves.